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Benefits of becoming a exclusive Mixxit distributor in your country

Becoming the exclusive Mixxit distributor for your country  is a great financial opportunity. That can be a trusted source of income throughout the following years.

To help you achieve your business goals, Mixxit will provide you with extensive knowledge, tools and a ton of expertise on this market.

  • A Mixxit website on your local extension
  • Support of our Mixxit marketing team based on proven data
  • Business and technological mentorship
  • Participate in global marketing strategies together with big brands like for example Tiktok

As Mixxit is currently present in 12 countries, we gain a clear overview of both global and specific markets.

If you represent the brand in your country, you’ll gain knowledge and enjoy constant support from the headquarters to be able to build a profitable and long-lasting business.

Why Mixxit?

Why Mixxit?

Active in 12 countries worldwide

Mixxit is spreading fast… with already 12 exclusive distributors in 12 countries we are gaining worldwide popularity very fast.

Patented design

The design of Mixxit is patented.
this gives us the opportunity to protect the market.

Viral content

Due to its innovative design, Mixxit regularly goes viral. some of our content has already reached more than 13 million people. you as a distributor take the profit.

Quality products

With a factory issue percentage of only 2% the return of Mixxit products are very low.
We continue to make changes in our production process to keep our factory issues as low as possible

Continuous innovation

As an innovative company we continue to develop new products and accessories

Let’s talk numbers

Let’s talk numbers

Unfortunately, we cannot disclose sales figures from our distributors, but we can disclose sales figures from the sales that the headquarters realized during our market research.

This market research was spread over 4 months and only focused on B2C customers, so the B2B market is not included in this turnover figure.

Why don’t you do it yourself?

We can hear you thinking … if this is such a great product … why not sell it yourself?

The answer is simple … we are good in inventing and developing products with attractive designs.

We choose to invest in the further development of our products and leave the sales to companies with the network and knowledge in the field of sales.

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