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  • Wireless charging – Charge
  • your Mixxit in 2-3 hours using the included charging station.
  • -Your Mixxit is properly connected if the charger is stuck when lifting your Mixxit.
  • Charging is only possible with the top bottle correctly connected to the motor housing. The transparent half moon on the top bottle should be in the center of the dots on the motor housing.
  • 8-10 blends
  • Mixxit can blend 8-10 times per full charge.
  • The status of my battery
  • The light on your charging station tells you the status of your battery.
  • -If the light flashes, your Mixxit is charging.
  • -If the light stays on, your Mixxit is fully charged.
  • -If the light is not lit, your Mixxit is not correctly connected to the bottle or to the charger.
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