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My Mixxit is not working

1) I push the start button and it doesn’t work.

-Press the start button 2x quickly to start.

– Make sure the motor is properly connected to the bottle. On the top bottle you will see a transparent half moon below the text, this must be in the middle of the dotted line on the motor. All other ways will not work.

-Don’t fill your Mixxit beyond the recommended amounts .

With the motor connected correctly you can add the ingredients through the neck of the bottle. Then you should not fill more than about 1 cm below the beginning of the neck.

You can also place the bottle upside down and fill it for larger pieces, then you may not fill more than 1 cm below the text. Make sure you attach the motor correctly to the Mixxit afterwards.

Always make sure you put enough liquid in your Mixxit for a smooth blend.

2) A white light is on .

-If you unscrew the top bottle from your Mixxit, do you see a small magnet ? This is located in the swivel area on the top bottle just below the text and transparent half moon. This magnet is difficult to see, so look for a small rectangle with a grayish color.

– There is a safety in the Mixxit , this means that if the top bottle is not placed correctly on the motor you will not be able to charge but also not blend. See above.

3) A red light is on.

-Is your Mixxit charged? If you see a red light , the battery is flat. There is a safety in the Mixxit, this means that if the top bottle is not placed correctly on the motor you will not be able to charge but also not blend.

-Is the charger properly connected to your Mixxit? But also in the socket or USB port? Be sure to check our “upload” section, which can be found at “My Mixxit”

4) I cannot properly clean my Mixxit

There are several options for cleaning that you can find on “Cleaning”.

– The top bottle is dishwasher safe without the rubber handle

– The motor is hand wash only and should not remain under water for too long. Water damage is not covered by the warranty.

– When using a sponge it is recommended to use the soft side to avoid scratches in the Mixxit.

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