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Start-up of my first Mixxit

Welcome to Mixxit 101!

On this page we will help you use your first Mixxit.

Please follow these instructions step by step to avoid minimal mistakes.

1) When your Mixxit arrives there will be a QR code on the box if you scan this you will be directed here. You will also find an instruction sheet in the box, please read both carefully.

2) Upon opening the box you will see your charger, do not throw this away.

The charger is with a usb port, this means you can charge your Mixxit from your laptop, PC or just from a wall outlet.Fully charging the Mixxit takes 2-3h. Further in the instruction we will discuss how to do this correctly.

3) Take your Mixxit out of the box.

First, we will do a brief check for manufacturing defects.

Is there a rubber handle around the neck of your Mixxit?

-When you unscrew the top bottle from your Mixxit do you see a small magnet?
This is located in the turning area on the top bottle just below the text and transparent half moon. This magnet is hard to see, so look for a small rectangle with a grayish color.

– Put water in your Mixxit and seal tightly. Move your Mixxit to different sides to see if your Mixxit stays dry on the outside, and is therefore leak-proof.

– Check if the start button sits correctly, this means it sits nice and straight and you can go over it smoothly.


– If you see any errors with your Mixxit please mail to the customer service of the website or store where you bought your Mixxit.


4) Before you begin, you must fully and properly charge your Mixxit.

This will help with your battery life.

Place the top bottle correctly on the engine. On the top bottle you will see a transparent half moon under the text, it must be centered on the dotted line on the engine. All other ways will not work.


– There is a safety device in the Mixxit, this means that if the top bottle is not correctly positioned on the motor you will not be able to charge it and you will not be able to blend.

– Place the Mixxit correctly on the charger. 

– When charging, the light on the charger will flicker quietly, this is how you know your Mixxit is charging. If the light stays on, your Mixxit is finished charging. If the light stays on immediately it is possible that your Mixxit is not correctly connected to the charger.


5) Your Mixxit is fully charged and you are ready for your first smoothie.

Now you can choose how to fill your Mixxit.

– With the motor connected correctly, you can add the ingredients through the neck of the bottle. Then you should fill no further than about 1cm below the start of the neck.


– You can also place the bottle upside down and fill it that way for larger pieces, in which case you may fill no further than 1cm below the text. Afterwards, make sure you attach the motor correctly to the Mixxit


Always make sure you put enough liquid in your Mixxit for a smooth blend.

6) Starting your Mixxit.

To start press the start button twice quickly, your Mixxit will blend for 30 seconds and then stop automatically. To stop your Mixxit push the start button 1x short.


All other ways will not work and you should not push the button hard either. While blending you may also shake your Mixxit to make blending easier.

If you see a red light this means your battery is low, if it’s fully charged then you need to see if your Mixxit is attached correctly.


7) What is allowed in my Mixxit?

We always recommend using a liquid when making a smoothie, this makes blending easier.
Mixxit is a blender and not a crusher, this means you cannot blend ice, nuts etc without a liquid.


8) Cleaning your Mixxit.

– The top bottle may go into the dishwasher without the rubber handle.

– The motor is hand wash only and it should not be left under water for too long. Water damage is not covered by the warranty.

– When using a sponge, it is recommended to use the soft side to avoid scratching the Mixxit.

9) Problems?

Have you followed all these steps and are you having problems? Then please contact the customer service of the website or store where you purchased your Mixxit. Also check our return and warranty conditions on our website

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