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What is allowed in my Mixxit?

-Frozen fruit
Mixxit has no problems with blending frozen fruit.

Add a frozen fruit mix and some milk of your choice to your Mixxit for a delicious smoothie on-the-go in no time! The most important thing is to always add a liquid for an easy blend.
-Seeds and nuts
Seeds and nuts are a good source of protein and therefore the ideal ingredient for a healthy start to the day.

Add a handful of seeds / nuts and liquid of your choice to your Mixxit for a source of fiber and protein in your smoothie.
-Leaf greens and vegetables
Mix a handful of spinach with a liquid of your choice in your Mixxit for a green smoothie full of vitamins and minerals.
-Ice blocks
We do not recommend crushing ice in your Mixxit or blending an excess of ice in your smoothie.
Mixxit is powerful enough to mix ice blocks in combination with a liquid, but this can be detrimental to the knives in the long term.
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